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Process Maintenance


In the first step your stores are individually examined for technical equipment and special features.

Driving Schedule

A monthly tourplan for the inspection of the stores is created and communicated to the store manager.

Monthly Check

Monthly, pre-announced visit of the service technician. Specially trained project managers in the retail maintenance care for the customer’s requirements in the back office in a solution-oriented manner and ensure their implementation during the next store inspection.


Our Service Engineer systematically inspects your store using a checklist and performs all system maintenance checks that are needed.

All maintenance activities and inspections are recorded.

Our services are determined by…

  • Long-lasting Quality

  • Functional Quality

  • Economics

  • Overall Quality

We plan and control the quality of our processes and process results through …

  • Reliable Schedules

  • Coordinated check-lists for technician visits with customers

  • Continuous training of employees based on customer needs

Total Quality Management (TQM)

MStore Care’s philosophy is based on TQM, an approach consisting of strategies for continuously improving performance and products at every level, through active involvement of all staff members and in all areas of responsibility, with radical commitment to satisfying customer needs. We rely on sustainable relationships and optimal communication between customers and staff.

TQM at M Store Care means:

Time management according to your needs

Quality measured by you

Management based on tailored needs analyses for your business